Slides and Video from My PyData Seattle 2017 Talk

Fri 07 July 2017 by Jeff Fischer

Here are the slides from the talk that I gave yesterday at PyData Seattle. The video from the talk has been uploaded by the PyData organizers to YouTube at

If you found the talk interesting, you might check out these links:

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MicroPython and IoT Hackathon Tonight

Wed 18 January 2017 by Jeff Fischer

Tonight, I will be running a MicroPython and IoT hackathon at SF Python's Project Night.

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Python and IoT: A Lighting Replay Application

Thu 27 October 2016 by Jeff Fischer

This is a summary of the IoT project described in my BayPiggies talk.

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IoT Talk at BayPiggies, Next Thursday Oct 27

Fri 21 October 2016 by Jeff Fischer

I will be giving a talk on Python and IoT next Thursday, October 27, 2016 at the monthly BayPiggies (Bay Area Python Interest Group) meeting.

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Pair Programming with a Fourth-grader

Mon 18 July 2016 by Jeff Fischer

A few months ago, my fourth-grader son was assigned his first programming project at school using Scratch. I helped him a bit. Here is what we learned...

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